There are four all encompassing projects set up for the Crucible. You will be working with a group
regardless of which you choose.All projects entail a variety of activities and disciplines but include creative
methods and opportunity. Pick your group wisely. You will be responsible for deadlines and all work
regardless of how the people you choose for your group contribute to the effort. Quality is very important
but content and completion are not to be sacrificed for it. Delegate the work in the group where necessary
but make sure that the project as a whole has a similar theme and scheme and individual work needs to
clearly demonstrate your own unique ideas and thoughts. The time line for the project will be discussed and
presented in class. Use the internet and other sources for your work but be sure to give reference where it
is due.
Crucible Review Questions

Projects for “The Crucible”
English 3

-        Chain of Events Poster or Powerpoint ( see word doc for example)In this activity students
gather information about the play to produce a chain of events poster or a geometric
character analysis poster.

-        A graphic tribute to the accused witches
Using your knowledge about the characters in the play and what you have learned from your
tour, create a tribute to the accused. The Witch Trials Memorial is an example. Create your own
tribute. You may wish to create a poster or a web site.

-        A work of your design that reflects your knowledge of Salem and the witch trials
Using your knowledge about the play and what you have learned from your tour, create a work
that responds to the question: "What contributed to the events of 1692?"

-        You will conduct a web search on such topics related to the "witch hunts" of the 1950s,
then use the information you gather to make a poster in answer to the question:

How did the political events of the 1950s influence the writing of The Crucible?

- Imagine that you are on the tourism board of Salem, Massachusetts and you must create a
new brochure to use as advertising material. Your brochure should include historical data, a
time line of events, points of interest, and any other information that your group deems
necessary to attract tourists to the area.

If you have ideas for other projects you think might work, let me know and I will consider them.