Put together a poem titled "I am from." The directions for the
poem are simple guidelines, not hard rules. Use the following
prompts to move you into your writing. Listen to the examples
read in class to help give you ideas on where you can take this.
Be creative, think a lot before you write. A good idea may be to
write down as many responses to the prompts below as you can
and then fit the ones in that make sense for the poem. It does
not have to rhyme or have any other specific poetic devices. This
poem should be a minimum of twenty lines long. You are
welcome to illustrate this if you would like or decorate/color
your paper as you see fit. It is not required though.
...things that were meaningful in your room as a child

...things that were meaningful in your house growing up

...things that were meaningful in your yard or just outside the house

...things that were meaningful in you neighborhood

...foods, traditions made or held by specific members of your family

...special family members, smells, sounds etc.