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Scarlet Letter
Chapters 1-8

1. Chiaroscuro:   
                     Define, and find five examples of it. Cite page    
                                                 number, part of sentence, and type of light.

2. Scaffold Scene 1:                When, Why and Where? Define the
purpose                                                     and role the scaffold plays
in society. What it                                                   symbolizes.

3. Gothic Novel Elements:      Which have been identified thus far?
Where?                                                    Cite page number and part of

4. Colors: Red, Black & Gray:   Find 3-4 uses of each thus far and cite
page                                                    number, part of sentence, and
what they                                                         symbolize.

5. Hawthorne:                             Find two personal viewpoints that he has
                                                       shared to this point and explain
their                                                             significance. Cite page