Hester has finally told Dimmesdale who the man that has been
torturing him is, and Chillingworth seems determined to continue his
monomaniacal ways. Pearl is growing up and understanding more
and more each day, putting the pieces together and acting more
inquisitive. Hester and Dimmesdale have made plans to leave together
and start a new life.
What is going to happen? Will they get away
and start anew? What then will become of Chillingworth? Does
Chilingworth find out beforehand and foil their plot to leave? Does
someone die? How does Pearl deal with all that has taken place? Are
there any significant laws or social values that change in Salem as a
result of all that has happened?
Write a 1 1/2  page ending to the story making sure to
include all the main characters and any other significant
things that take place. It should be typed, double spaced,
font size 12 TNR. A rough draft should be completed first
and it should be revised by your peers before you turn
anything in. Attach your rough draft to the back of your
final copy.
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