Things Fall
Character Chart due after Chapter seven has
been read. Be sure to inlcude all main characters,
connections between characters, a key, and it
needs to be done on a paper with a minimum
11x14 size. No lined paper allowed.

Make a chart of at least 30 similes or metaphors
that you find throughout the novel. Note the
meaning and significance of each. Cite chapter,
page, and parapraph for each

For Chpaters 8-16, you need to have 7 detailed
"spools" for each chapter Spools are short
"catch" phrases that tirgger the context of an
entire section of text or stoyrline.

You also need to memorize the  tribal vocabulary
available in the glossary section of the book.  If
your book does not have it, I will provide you a
copy. Please let me know.

For Chapters 17-25, get together with someone
and decide on a couple of things. First, decide on
what you might be able to provide someone less
fortunate than you in the African Country of
Nigeria. Second, write a letter to a tribe member
in your age bracket. Let them know what your life
is like, and what you have learned from their lives
and how you hope to implement
the things you have learned into your life.