All I Really Needed To Know...
Robert Fulgham
Essay Prompt

1. Proper MLA format needs to be adhered to when composing this
essay. You need to have one-inch margins on  both top and bottom,
and left and right. It needs to be double-spaced, typed, and headed
as follows. In the top left-hand margin, put your name, teacher's
name, course title, and the date. (separate lines, double-spaced)
Double-spaced from there needs to be the title of the essay,
centered, but not underlined. Double-spaced from there you need to  
begin the essay with indentation. In the top right hand margin, one half
inch down, you need to number your pages with your last name and
the page number.

2. The prompt for your essay is the phrase, All I really needed to
know... This needs to be put in the essay verbatim at some point. It
can  be your first line or you can incorporate it later. You may choose
to begin your essay with an anecdote or story that leads to the
phrase. You may include a list in your essay if you would like, but
make sure to follow proper MLA format.

3. Your essay needs to be 3-4 solid paragraphs. (A good paragraph
has about 10-12 typed lines) It should be descriptive, written in first
person, and contain personal examples and reasoning. It should have
a logical flow and come to good closure. You can incorporate quotes,
if you like.

4. Spelling and grammar will count towards your grade so it is very
important that you go through a revision process before turning in the
essay. You do not have to submit any drafts.