AnimAnimal Farm
Study questions
Chapter 1:
1. As the story begins, the animals wait for the lights in Mr. And Mrs. Jones bedroom to o our so that they might have a meeting. Who had called the meeting?
Why had he called it?
2. What is a boar?
3. Describe Majors appearance. Be complete in your answer.
4. Describe Clover and Boxer. Be complete.
5. Describe Benjamin. Be complete.
6. As Major began to speak, he talked of the nature of an animals life. What is their life like?
7. Who does Major blame for their terrible life?
8. What does Major mean by saying, Man is the only creature that consumes without producing?
9. According to Major, what would happen to the animals life if they got rid of man?
10. Complete the quote: Whatever goes upon 2 legs is an enemy, _______.
11. Major warned the animals that after man was conquered, they must be careful not to adopt mans vices. What were some of the vices the animals? Were
warned against?
12. The overall theme in the song Beasts of England is ______.
13. After reading Chapter 1, what is the storys point of view?
Chapter 2
1. What happens to Old Major 3 nights later?
2. What animals were the teachers and organizers? Why?
3. Who is Napoleon? Describe him. Be complete in your answer?
4. Who is Snowball? Describe him. Be complete.
5. Who is Squealer? Describe him. Be complete.
6. The animals had renamed Majors thoughts into one word. What is it?
7. Many stupid questions were asked during the secret meetings of the animals. Who asked the most stupid questions? Describe her.
8. What was Sugarcandy Mountain? Who claimed to know all about it?
9. Boxer and Clover the carthorses were faithful to Animalism, but was their main difficulty?
10. What was the event that led to the animals revolution?
11. What animal left with Mrs. Jones?
12. What items did the animals destroy?
13. Why were the ribbons burned?
14. Surprisingly, the animals unanimously agreed to make the house a museum with no one ever allowed to live there. Why do you think they made that
15. Snowball and Napoleon revealed a surprising new skill. What is it?
16. According to the animals, the 7 commandments were unalterable. What does this mean?