Section 1 covers the poems and stories
themselves. You will be asked questions about
the theme, plot, idea, or meaning behind what
the authors wrote.

(ie) Who was Edwards mainly addressing in
his sermon? Nonbelievers
You should know the tone of Edwards speech,
why that tone was used, examples of what he
told people and where he believed they stood.
Reread sections of the speech to go over
these things.

You should also recall Bradstreet's theories on
personal possessions, life, and how she
reacted to tragedy.

Franklins "autobiography" will be covered.
Know things he did, why he did them,
businesses he was in, things that made him
successful, and rules and things he lived by.

Section 2 covers the biographies of all of the
authors and asks questions about them.
Things they did, wrote, themes and theories
they used, businesses they had or were
involved in etc.

Section 3 asks you to match ideas, characters,
themes, titles etc from each poem or speech to
the author.

Section 4 asks you to match basic quotes from
the stories to the author or story. Because
each of the stories was quite different, you
should recall where they came from.