Photoshop Lessons
Mr. Macare   Laguna Hills HS

There will be six photoshop lessons for the semester. There are many choices for each individual lesson.
Depending on the level of your understanding and comfort working with photoshop, you should choose lessons
that you understand and that will help you progress in your comprehension and ability with the program.

For each lesson you have to complete TWO activities. There are photoshop lessons attached here in PDF format
and there are lesson packets in the file cabinet as well. The packets in the file cabinet have lessons that are on
more of a basic level, while the lessons in PDF format are a bit more challenging. You can choose to work with
whichever you feel more comfortable with.

You will save each activity in your photoshop lessons folder.
Save two activities for each lesson. They should be saved as follows.

Lesson 1A
Lesson 1B

Lesson 2A
Lesson 2B

...and so on.

The most important thing for you to do with each lesson and activity is to SAVE THEM FOR THE WEB! If you do
this they
will show up as a GIF or JPEG formatted image. If your image is a PSD or TIFF, it will not show up when I go to
grade it, and
more importantly, will not show up on a web page. Remember to save properly!!

PDF Lesson 1                PDF Lesson 2                PDF Lesson 3                PDF Lesson 4

PDF Lesson 5                PDF Lesson 6

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