Compose a clear, concise, structured essay of three paragraphs concerning a time period that YOU
would like to live in. In other words, if you could pick any time period in which to live:
Renaissance, Medieval, Depression, 40's, 50's, 70's etc., which would you choose? After deciding,
read the directions for each paragraph of the essay, and be sure to include good transitional
statements from paragraph to paragraph. Your essay should begin with an attention getter and end
with and effective clincher. Make sure to have your essay revised by at least two people before
turning in a final copy.


Describe in detail the time period you have selected. Explain why you have selected this period and
what it is about this period that is attractive to you.


Describe specifically what your life would be like in this period. Explain in detail activities, sights,
occupation, encounters etc. that you would be looking forward to in this period.


Compare/Contrast the time period you have selected with life today in the 2000's. Discuss the
advantages and disadvantages of living in the era you have selected and reach a philosophical
conclusion about your life in this time period.