Oedipus Test
One of the things important to understanding the story
of Oedipus is to have a general idea of the major leading
events that brought about his fate,...starting with his
birth. You should know the major events, turning points,
leading factors, ideas, plots, of his life.

The story of Oedipus is full of irony, both regular and
dramatic. (ie) the irony of him returning to Thebes of all
places. You should know various examples of irony and
be able to explain them in great detail.

An additional element found quite often in the story is
foreshadowing. You should know the definition of this
and be able to cite and explain examples of it. Think of
foreshadowing as "little hints" provided in the story of
things that may come.

What types of things are assumed in this story? Who
assumes them? Why? What effect do those
assumptions have on others? Themselves?

Whose fault is all of this? Whose fault are some of the
specific actions/reactions? Who is most to blame?

Should anyone be felt sorry for in this story?