This essay will be 3 pages in length. It needs
to be typed in MLA format, times new roman,
font size 12 only. Make sure that all revision is
done well and your essay is spell checked as
130 Points

Prompt # 1

Analyze the setting, or various settings in the
story you are reading or have read and
discuss why the author chose to use that
locale / those locales. Further, find stories with
similar settings and compare/contrast
storylines. Are they the same genre? Do they
have the same mood, tone, action level? How
can or does a locale serve different moods,
tones, actions? If you had to choose the
setting for the story, what/where would it be?
Describe. Finally, discuss how much the
setting plays into the action of a story. How
important is it as a component? Be sure to
include quotes from your book and other
sources to support your ideas.

Prompt # 2

Put yourself into the book you are reading.
What role would you have? With whom would
you get along the best? The worst? Explain.
Would you be a supporting role player,
leading role player, or a periphery character
with little or no direct involvement? Why?
Would you have a hard time connecting with
the characters in your story? How do you
differ? If your story takes place in a different
time period, describe the time period and the
challenges you would have adapting to it.
What are the similarities it shares with your
current world? What are the key differences?
What emotions would you expect to
experience in your book? How would you
react to them? Would you like to experience
some of the things the characters in your book

Prompt # 3

    Analyze the growth and maturity of the
main character in your story. What have they
learned and how has it affected their place in
the story? What, if any, kind of mistakes have
they made that they have grown from and
used for future reference? Are they better or
worse off from when the story began? How?
What types of activities have they engaged
in? Finally, what do you foresee happening
with this character and what, if anything,
would you do or have done differently?

Prompt # 4

Describe the various settings in your story
and how they impact the
lives and activities of the characters involved.
How does the author
use the setting to impact or affect the story
and what is happening. Please provide
exacting details of the setting/settings and the
role itor they play in the story. Why do you
think the setting is important for an author?
What does it help to establish? Would a
different setting change the story
dramatically? How so? Please describe a
different setting that could be in place for your
story and how it would impact the lives of
main characters and story line.