Romantic Period
1. Read intro. "First Harvest"  Pages 96-104
    Notes, Outline OK for
2. Quiz #2 "First Harvest"
Washington Irving
1. Biography Notes Page 105
2. The Devil and Tom Walker Pages 106-113
    Read in class and take notes
    Questions FSAD Page114
William Cullen Bryant
1. Biography Notes Page 124
2. Thanatopsis Pages 129-131
    Read in class and notes
    Questions FSAD Pages 132-133
3. Optional Quiz (TBA)
    Would cover Irving and Bryant
Edgar Allen Poe
1. Biography Notes Pages 134-135
2. The Fall of the House of Usher Pages 136-148
    Reading in Class: Notes
3. Quiz on #3 on Fall of Usher
4. Theory of the short story Pages 149-150
and commentary
5. Essay Paragraph from For Page 151
Composition Descriptive Paragraph workshop
6. The Raven Pages 154-157
    Reading in Class: Notes
7. The Bells Pages 160-162
    Reading in Class: Notes
8. Writing Exercises: 32 lines
    Using ALL learned devices