What And
What is it?
A first-person narrative account of a day in the life of a famous person.
Details of setting, thoughts of a person, imaginary dialogue, and details of
the events that occurred on the chosen days are included. You will try your
best to "walk in someone else's shoes" (to quote Atticus Finch) and see the
event from his or her perspective. You need to use "show, not tell" language
to make the event come alive for the reader.

How do I start?
First, you need to brainstorm a list of famous people that you find
interesting. "Famous" is defined as a person that you will be able to find
boks, articles, and internet information about. Once you have your list,
narrow it down to two or three. Then do a little preliminary research on
them to see which one will be the easiest to find a lot of information on. You
must also choose a specific day or event in that person's life.

How do I find information about the person?
Using books, magazines,  newspapers etc., you will read as much as you
can about your chosen person. In other words, you will "saturate" yourself
with as much information as you can find.