Describe the change that has taken place in Umuofia
since Okonkwo's exile. How does he react to these
changes when he returns? What does he expect?

Describe Nwoye's impact on Okonkwo and his family?
How does Okonkwo handle it? What is Nwoye's new

Who begins to handle the enforcement of law? How do
people react to it? How does Okonkwo want to deal with
the new way things are being handled?

Does change come to the tribe? Are any old ways
restored? If so, what takes place to make that happen?
How does Okonkwo react? Does he play a part? When,
if ever, does Okonkwo feel happiness again?

Over the course of the story, has Okonkwo learned
anything? Has he changed as a result of what he has
learned? If so, how?

Make two suggestions to Okonkwo on how he could
further improve himself as a human being, father, etc.

Explain whether you believe Okonkwo is a leader of
men. Explain why or why not.
Quiz Chapters 20-23