You are going to immerse yourself in the African Culture. You are going
to be creating a tribe of your own in Nigeria. Your tribe name should be
in Ibo, but should have a specific meaning. Think about the life, rules,
ideas, social mores that existed for Okonkwo. (for good or bad) What
would you keep? What would you change? How would life be lived? You
must assume you will be in an agricultural community that lacks
many, if not most, of the advancements you take for granted here today.
Research what you need to be true to the culture. In other words, do the
tribes of Nigeria have their own electricity today? TV? Radio? Any
changes in living quarters? DIfferent materials? Any food,drink,
imported to them now? You need to be true to the way it is lived their
today. This should be typed and broken into sections of your choosing,
so long as all of the questions provided are answered. You also need to
make a flag for your village. It may not be done one paper or with paper.
(125 points)

Get together with two other people and decide on the following things.

What would you name a tribe of your own?
What social norms/customs would you take from Umuofia?
What key things would you be sure to change from the Umuofia culture?
What would the six main laws be? What would the consequences be?
What, if any, sort of hierarchy would there be? What could someone          
       become or attain.
What social norms would you take from your current culture?
What social norms would you adopt from other various cultures? Please
        name the culture.
How would people make money? How would people live?

Be sure when answering these questions that you pay close attention to
what you can and can't do or have because of the environment you are
in. You will be in Nigeria. Keep the climate in mind. Know what will
and will not grow etc. This would be in todays time.