One of the last things that Roderick and Madeleine Usher wanted to
do was to change the perception people had of their family and name.
Because it was the holiday season, they decided to throw a huge
holiday celebration. They have sent invitations to some renound
guests and look forward to much fun and joy.

You have been invited as well!! You will be attending the fabulous
celebration as a reporter, who will publish an article documenting all
the activities, gossip, and fun had at the party. Be sure to mention all
of the renound guests who go, and report on the following activities.

Gift Exchange
Ornaments Brought For Tree
Food Served

Make sure you are true to each character that attends. Characters
invited can be anyone from any story that you have read over the
past three years. (ie) Antigone, Odysseus, Jem, Atticus, Scout,
Teiresias, Hester, Abigail, John Proctor, Tituba etc. Think about who
to invite and write a great story about the party. Do not make any
illicit mention of alcohol, drugs etc. It is not appropriate and will result
in a zero. Also, you must include the invitation you received for the

60 points
Annual Usher
Holiday Party