Romantic / Victorian
Page 630        The Tyger                                         Blake
Page 637         To a Mouse                                      Burns
Page 652         The World is Too Much With Us       Wordsworth
Page 653         My Heart Leaps Up                          Wordsworth
Page 678         The Rime of the Ancient Mariner      Coleridge
Page 732         Ozymandias                                     Shelley
Page 748         When I Have Fears…                        Keats
Page 752         To Autumn                                       Keats
Page 782         In Memoriam                                    Tennyson
Page 796         Sonnet 43                                        Browning        
Page 799         Love is Not All…                              Millay
Page 808         Porphyria’s Lover                           Browning
Page 852         To an Athlete Dying Young               Housman
For the list of authors, please make a collage of biographical information. It
should, in some way, be broken down into areas, sections etc. that divide up
the various authors' information. It should be colored, on paper with a
minimum size of 11x14. It can of course, be larger. You may work with one other
person. ONE. All of the authors information will be due on the collage .
(65 points)

Instructions on the poems you will be writing in response to those we read
will be provided to you in class.